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Fashion is global, influence comes from everywhere in the world. You can wear anything in our part of the world. Anything goes.

But don’t let the world get smaller: World Wide Woman cultivates her values for the sake of our planet and all who live on her. We hope she is growing more powerful and in numbers, in touch with the wonder of… reality, controlling her man through the fire of her Imagination and vision.

Traditionally and in general, men have been the pioneers, women the civilizers; they have had vast responsibility in educating their children, they are the center of the home, bringing sweetness and delight, stability and refinement; they are the guardians of culture, most importantly in their creation of the salon (Napoleon agreed to ennoble his generals on condition that their wives opened a salon). It is women who forge the bonds of society.

For the woman who is interested in fashion, she dresses to look important. This depends on taking care on what suits her; the braver she is, the easier and the more beautiful is the woman who makes the dress her own. I expect it is like riding a horse who is yours. Together you dream of open spaces and a world big enough for love and a way to feel free and noble and playful.

Oh yes, walk on a glittering runway with boots made of gold paillettes which dazzle the eyes so you seem to walk on air.

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